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Friday, January 11, 2013

Computer Set For A Humble School in Baybay Leyte

Last November, The Disciplers initiated a sort of fund raising for a computer set to be given to Kambonggan Elementary School. The goal is to help the school educate their students about computers and the advancement of the current technology to stir up their interest to study harder and learn more about technology.

Thank you alumni for sharing your blessing for the younger generation of students. God bless you more. Special thanks to some partner sites, like Nepean Tutoring, Online Influence and Brand Build it.  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

Whenever I look at nature, I can see how God made this world the best suitable place for His creation to live in. The Chocolate Hills of Bohol can be considered as one of the wonders of nature. There are more than a thousand hills like the one you see in the video in this particular location in the world.
 Truly, it's how God works in His creation and the more you dig deeper of it, the more you marvel on these wonderful, un-explainable things in the world. Hope you enjoy the video. :) This was taken during our trip in Bohol last August 2012.
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